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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

A.T. - Canada said:
I am very confident in my own abilities to do anything within the classroom; teach, analyze problems in the classroom, plan engaging activities and doing any number of exercises. I feel I also know how to deal with different levels of students in particular ways. I know effective teaching methods for sorts of grammar, tenses, conditionals, modals and just about every part of a speech that concerns an english student. The ability to write a lesson planned is certainly one of the best skills I think that I gained from this course. Anticipating the classroom and knowing what your expectations are both yourself and your students is a valuable tool in teaching. I feel like there is no activity that I would not be prepared to teach. I will be putting this into action every class, by preparing a lesson plan in advance so as to anticipate any problems that may arise and to have a flexible schedule to work around. This way important points do not get neglected, but there is room for the teacher to change things. I now know the different ways to evaluate a student and what teaching aids work best with what type of students and at what point in the lesson. I know how to and especially how not to carry myself in the class, thanks to the informative DVD. I will have a great attitude and be very encouraging for the students, but be very careful to not over complicate them. I now know how important things like smiling are, using one?s voice correctly for clarity and emphasis reasons, and not to overuse any particular course book, but instead draw from a number of resources for both exercises and activities.