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A.B. - The Netherlands said:
This course has structured my ideas about teaching. I have quite a bit of teaching experience (teaching medical/technical issues to adults) but I was never taught to teach. This course provided deeper insight in the do?s and don?ts of teaching. I am a ?language-lover? and therefore the grammar lessons were, although useful, a mere revision of facts I already know. The course made me think about my own level of english. Although I have been using the english language throughout my adult life, I have come to realize that there are still many gaps in my ability to use the language the way native speakers do. I have therefore decided to first study english for a couple of months before pursuing a career as a teacher of english as a Foreign Language. I have also decided to take the ittt course ?business english?. To practice my teaching skills, I have agreed to teach english to a Polish woman at an intermediate level. She used to study EFL at a local community college and I am going to help her improve her communicative skills. In a couple of months I am going to move from the U.S. to latin america. There, I hope to start teaching english to, most likely monolingual, people either as a volunteer, or in a paid position.