TEFL - 120 Hr TEFL

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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

J. B. UK said:
I have deeply enjoyed this course. It has been both challenging and insightful. It has made me realise that though I have used the english language for most of my life I have a lot to learn but have also learnt a lot from this course. I like to teach and express myself as I am a writer and yoga teacher. Though I get the most happiness out of helping others. I want to use my skills to inspire and nurture other students. My plan is to get some teaching experience one day a week so I can build up my experience and then go to rome next year to teach english. At the same time as teaching I wish to improve on my italian. I think this course has really helped me feel empathy for foreign language students. It has made see that it is very important to try my best to make their learning experience both fun, informative, challenging but achievable. Language opens up doors and if by being a teacher I help others than that would make me happy. I plan to study english more and make sure I am totally clear on tenses etc?. so that I can be the best teacher possible. This course has given me a good foundation to achieve this. I have learnt how to conduct a lesson and feel with some teaching experience that I would be able to teach a class. The challenge is going to be to find the experience. Though, everyone starts somewhere. I guess I now need to know how to set up a teaching CV and show that my existing skill set is transferrable into the world of teaching. I also need to try and find a job in italy. There is still a lot to do but Rome was not built in a day. Hopefully I will catch my dreams in the near future. Thanks to Jon for being a great tutor.