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I. L. UK said:
Although I'm a native speaker of english, the grammar sections in particular have reminded me about the complexities of the language and just how difficult it is to speak it well. The technical terminology and jargon was interesting and good revision for the english language lessons I had at school! I also found the technicalities of teaching pronunciation and phonology particularly interesting and may pursue this area further. More importantly from my perspective, I've learned more about teaching methods, the hows, whens, whys and wheres of being a teacher. I already fELT confident about my level of english but the course has also made me much more confident about my teaching ability. The ESA lesson planning makes much more sense now that I've done several lesson plans and these plans are certainly a useful back up. Ultimately I think the course in general has been a good foundation for becoming an ESL teacher, and I'm hoping to learn more from the business english course so that I can become a good ESL teacher when I go to japan next month. Since I don't know what level of students I will be teaching on the whole, I think that the course has given me enough materials to be able to teach any level (or try to!) On the whole I think that the course was well structured (such as spreading out the grammar sections with more practical based units) and covered all the basics required to start teaching ESL.