TEFL - 250 Hr TEFL

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F. S. Italy said:
I have really enjoyed the course. I found it stimulating and challenging and there were many moments when I simply thought I couldn?t do it, and I just did it anyway. What a great feeling! The sense of achievement! Not having a tutor next to me to help me every step of the way has been a learning curve as I have needed to rely on my own instincts, but the on line tutor(s) I had gave me valuable insight and useful feedback even when no correction as such was necessary ? thanks guys! This course has given me the foundations to stay and work in a country where it is very important for me to do so. It has also given me some great strategies for tackling my own challenges facing learning a new language! Teaching and learning languages are excellent team mates! I am looking forward to making the most of the ongoing support and of course completing the Business component in good time. Many thanks ittt!