TEFL - 4 Weeks TEFL

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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

B.C. USA said:
I have learned a lot from this course. The most beneficial has definitely been how to create ESA lesson plans. Before this course I had no idea of how to form a good lesson and now I feel comfortable planning lessons on a variety of topics and I feel confident in using the ESA strategy. I also am more aware of how to use games and activities to help students work on many different grammar topics and skills. In addition, I also feel that the grammar units really helped me to understand where students may have problems in forming grammar structures and using them correctly. Knowing this and having these units as a reference will be very useful when teaching these grammar structures to students. If I can predict where there will be problems, I can think of solutions and ways to help students overcome the problems before they become ingrained in their english. I have already begun implementing many things that I have learned into my own teaching. I teach Sudanese refugees living in America and I have found it can be very challenging to teach students coming from language that does not use a Romanic alphabet and who may not be literate even in their native language. The section on the phonemic alphabet has been useful and ways to teach skills, such as reading and writing, which I think is most important in my teaching now. Overall, the course has provided me with valuable information for these students and may different ways to teach them, activities to consider, and problems that may occur. I have found much of what was covered to be very helpful. For the future, I have found how to change the lesson to teach young learners to be helpful. As I have no experience teaching children the lessons on discipline and how to adapt lessons to teach young learners will be extremely beneficial if I am to take on this challenge in the future. Overall, the course has helped me to be more confident in my teaching abilities and more confident in my decisions on what to teach students and how to do so. I have already been implementing what I have learned and I am sure I will continue to implement the suggestions on how to help students work on different grammar structures in the near future.