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A.O. - USA said:
I have found the reviews of basic grammar very helpful, and believe they will be extremely helpful when I start teaching. As I have not studied english recently, having to re-think through the learning process of these language points will be helpful for when I have to teach them to my students. Seeing how the course broke down each idea and explained each point will be helpful to have as a reference when I have to do the same with my students. The focus on coming up with ideas for teaching activities with each grammar point will also be very helpful once I?m in the classroom. Having thought through so many ideas in advance, and having so many idea suggestions from the course, will be helpful when I am lesson planning. The external resources the course provided will be great to have for additional reference once I?m teaching as well. The typical student errors and problems portion of each grammar unit will be extremely helpful for planning lessons on these points and think through how I would help students overcome these issues. Overall, I feel that the grammar review, teaching and classroom management tips, and assisted brainstorming of activities and teaching ideas the course provided have made me much more prepared to start an english teaching job.