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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

C.Y. Singapore said:
After several months of study, completion on all the tutorials and reading the valuable feedbacks from the tutors I have acquired the knowledge and theories for teaching english to a small class of non native students. The knowledge from which I have gained ranges from grammatical theory and into areas of problem solving in the class room such as students with little motivation that would not speak in the class then classroom re-arrangements may need to be made to increase participation rates. Being a native english speaker I did not know how to explain why certain verbs, conjunctions, infinitives? etc etc were used, yet after hours of study in this course I am delighted that I am able to explicate the grammar foundations to my students. Some of the experiences I have acquired are making an effective and feasible lesson plan, this instrument is very important for new teachers. Lesson plans have taught me the fact that it is very important to use the ESA stages which will ensure your students will engage, listen, learn and achieve. The lesson plans which I have made through the duration of the course also gave me the opportunity to devise my own exercises and worksheets. In conclusion, I have attained the knowledge through reading the course notes and comprehending every word, completing the exercises online and I have also received hands on experience to devise lesson plans and worksheets and all the 20 tutorials which I have carefully completed will enable me to step out to the real world endeavoring to provide quality english teaching lessons.