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D.H. USA said:
Profound knowledge of the entire teaching process- while I truly found all of the information presented to be irreplaceable in value, learning how exactly to plan a lesson was that which initially made me most nervous because of inexperience at the beginning of the TEFL course. With frequent lesson planning practice through, I grew much faster at drafting lesson plans as the course progressed. I was also really thankful for my tutors? comments throughout the process as they lent their own experience as TEFL instructors by adding in personal anecdotes that really stuck with me, like Karl?s mention of the electricity shortages in thailand, e.g., which caution teachers from more developed countries to think twice about planning entire lesson around technology, for example. I also really internalized throughout the duration of the course the importance of breaking each element of a lesson plan down into miniscule pieces: there will always be a very weak, and conversely very strong student in each class, so be prepared for both extremes.