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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

J.B. USA said:
WOW! Where to begin? I have learned so much from this course and really enjoyed every minute of it. A lot of the grammar lessons were a review for me and a refresher of things I learned in high school and college. The actual methodology of TESOL and different teaching techniques is what I gained the most and things I will apply to the classroom when I?m teaching. I learned that Classroom Management is very important. Creating an atmosphere that is comfortable and relaxed to the students produces a nice learning environment. Seating of the students, things that are often taken lightly, is also very important in creating that atmosphere. I didn?t realize before this course how important something as simple as a seating chart is important in the classroom. I learned that allowing students to work in pairs builds confidence and is more enjoyable for students. Allowing students to correct each others? errors is important rather than the teacher always correcting the students? errors. I learned the importance of lesson planning. How to prepare a lesson plan, be organized, how to predict problems that may arise in the middle of the lesson and how to counteract those possible problems. Also how to be fully prepared for the lesson and to always have extra worksheets and learning material just in case the lesson goes faster than expected. I learned the ESA methodology that is very effective for students. When the engage, study and activate stages are incorporated in every lesson, students learn and understand what is being taught more easily. I also learned numerous activities to use throughout the course to use for each of these stages. I learned how to handle discipline problems that may occur in the classroom. Many teachers make threats that they are not willing to keep or able to do. It?s important to follow through on actions to handle discipline problems. There may be outside factors that causes discipline problems, that is out of the teacher?s control, but there are ways to handle it. Never discipline a student openly in front of other students. Speak with the student one on one and try to find out the reason for the problem. Remind the student of the rules; tell them how they are expected to behave and what will happen if the negative behavior continues. Once again this was a great course and I?m very happy I chose to take it with ittt. The things I have learned has laid a solid foundation of what I need to know to be a successful TEFL Teacher. I would definitely recommend ITT to anyone who is thinking about going into the TEFL teaching field. My tutor Karl was awesome and very knowledgeable. He had wonderful sound advice and always responded quickly to my emails. Thank You!!

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