TEFL - Accreditation Accelerated TEFL

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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

J.F. UK said:
I have learned that english is not as easy and simple language as I previously thought it was, I now see all of the rules and exceptions to the rules. These can be tricky to me (and I am a native speaker!). I have taken a few spanish classes in high school and college, at the beginning I was lost and didn?t understand. But when I had help from my classmates and my teachers and studying on my own, I learned a lot more than I thought I could. Although I can?t speak spanish fluently, I can understand a lot of what is being said. I have also learned that this won?t be the easiest thing to teach to students who may not have a great deal of experience with english. But I am excited and ready to give it my best! When I get my first class of students I will be taking it slow to make sure they understand what I am trying to communicate. I will make a detailed and through lesson plan to ensure there is a rhyme to my reason when teaching. Then I?ll start teaching what I have learned (grammar, vocab, tenses, ect.) to my students making sure they are getting to learn english for whatever purpose they need it for, taking the time to help out a struggler who can?t pronounce certain words or sounds. Basically I am just excited to get my first class and start teaching what I have learned over the past few months!