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J.M. UK said:
Different groups e.g. age / level / culture etc. present different opportunities and challenges. v? Understand their needs / potential problems etc., and tailor the lesson content /style, and the teaching approach to suit. v? Use an evaluation test with new students / groups to establish their level(s). ????????? Student motivation is paramount to success. v? Make every effort to build rapport ? both teacher:student, and student:student. v? Ensure that at least the majority of the students are engaged before moving on to the teaching elements of the lesson. v? Set achievable goals, and don?t rush. v? Use activities / visuals / games / exercises that make lessons more interesting / exciting / fun. ????????? english grammar is not easy ? even though it may seem so to a native speaker. v? Keep explanations simple ? include lots of worked examples / demonstrations before the students apply what they have learnt. ????????? The ESA lesson structure forms a good basis for language teaching, and minimizes the risk of not having to hand everything needed for the lesson. v? Plan all lessons in detail using an ESA format. ????????? Feedback is a gift but needs to be specific to the task at hand e.g. When the goal is to improve fluency of speech, feedback on grammar may not be appropriate. v? Always give feedback specific only to the learning goal. v? Give praise for effort as well as achievement. ????????? Body language and visual aids enhance student understanding. v? Use both, and keep explanations simple. ????????? Group or pair work is usually more effective in getting students to speak english. v? Plan in to lessons ? but be aware of potential problems for some individuals. ????????? Both created, and authentic texts have value. v? Use either / both when appropriate. ????????? Accuracy and fluency are equally important although students may prefer speaking activities to writing activities. v? Ensure that the activities are balanced, paying particular attention to making the writing activities interesting / motivating / relevant to the students. ????????? Using the phonemic alphabet will help foreign students with their pronunciation of english. v? Learn it myself !