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K.R. UK said:
The 20 units of this course have provided me with an accurate introduction to the area of teaching english as a professional teacher. I had already taught english prior to this course but didn?t really know what I was doing. Finding material, devising a structure for the lessons, thinking of new things to teach the students and other ?basic? problems were the biggest obstacles I encountered. This course has not only given me a structure to use when I will be teaching english next but has also made valuable sources for further information available to me. The ideas for games and E-S-A activities will come in very handy in the future. The Grammar units were tough but I recognize their importance since it is very unprofessional to teach a class english if you as the teacher can?t even name the various verb tenses. This happened to me in my previous teaching experience and it was embarrassing having to admit to my students that I didn?t actually know what certain verb tenses were called and other basic grammatical details. This course has provided me with this knowledge and I am very happy about this. I am happy to have completed this course at this particular point in time as it coincides with a University course that is about to start. I will be teaching spanish in an english school as part of my degree and can draw on much of the material from this TEFL course for support. Beyond that, I hope to one day soon, live in a foreign country for a year or two and work as a tefl teacher in a local school. I am very happy to have done and completed this course and am overall very satisfied with it. The material has been very clear and insightful throughout. I am very satisfied with the quick, accurate and relevant feedback I received from my tutor Karl and find that the evaluation worksheets were spot on in testing my knowledge and allowing me to express myself freely to explain my opinions.