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KB, Singapore said:
I?ve enjoyed doing this course and re-learning certain aspects of english Language teaching I?ve forgotten over the years. I realize this could be partially attributed to not explicitly emphasizing those aspects/areas in my classes, as, in Singapore, the focus is still on teaching english communicatively and focusing on the demands of the ?O? level examination. For the past 11.5 years, I?ve only ever taught at mainstream secondary schools in Singapore. I hope to use this additional certification to help me branch out into teaching students from other parts of the world who simply have a burning desire to learn english and I?m prepared to work in another country for this. It would certainly be a refreshing change from the rigor and the exam-based drilling which forms a large part of my teaching. Also, I feel the exposure to students of a multilingual class outside of Singapore would be yet another challenge I am willing to take on, with the aid of this certification.