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SS, Oman said:
As a student 20 years back, I did some courses of methodology and pedagogy, related with teaching, in the last year of university, but the reality was much taught when I faced my first class, as an english substitute teacher. It was a monolingual class, in a high school, with teenagers as students, all of them motivated to learn english, so after a few ups and downs everything went well. Later I moved to Golf region and I discovered the pleasure to have a multilingual class, but again I struggled at the beginning because I was asked to teach Science subjects in english. When I joined this course, I was not aware of the many advantages I?ll get for it. First of all, I was always very good at english grammar and really I like it, but during this course I discovered new ways of teaching and practicing it, easier for me and for my students. Of course I was doing the corrections and evaluations in class before, but frankly speaking more automatically, but know I?ve learned some valuable correction and evaluation techniques. Before I was aware that there are many types of teachers around me, but now I?m aware also of the many types of learners, how can they be organized, by groups or small / large classes, 1 to 1, or pairs, how to control or motivate them. I?m working now in a system were all pacing charts and lesson plans are supplied so need to think too much how to plot one. Now after the course I gained the ability to produce myself lesson plans very quickly for any subject or level of learners. Also we are supplied with course books, but I?ve learned the importance of other extra materials, which can improve the activity in the class, materials which are not allowed in the system I?m working now. So, these are just few of the benefits from which already I?ve taken advantage, since I?ve already tried to implement some in my classes, and amazingly they really worked, and I was very proud of myself. I also hope that with this certificate I?ll be able to get a better position to teach in a college or as an assistant in a university, step which will push forward my career development.