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DM, Czech Republic said:
I chose to undertake this course after having been working in the language teaching industry for over 10 years. From my perspective, I gained an overview what a teacher who walks out of a TEFL/TESOL training could have possibly acquired. Of course I dare to say that the experience is different for teachers who undertake an on-site course and for those who opt for the on-line version. Personally I think even having completed the course, most teachers are at the beginning of a learning process that will require time and experience with all different kinds of lesson scenarios. The course gave me an overview of the most crucial grammar, which I have come across throughout my life in all different kinds of courses and stages of study. Not being a native speaker I have studied english all my life as a second language. I do believe this part is crucial for native speakers. In my current job as director of a language school based in Central europe, czech republic I interview a significant number of teachers who apply for a job with our language school. To qualify for a job as an english teacher they have to present a University degree and an internationally acceptable certificate that qualifies them as teachers of english (TEFL/TESOL/CELTA etc.). Having undergone the course will give me a better perspective of what training have such teachers gone through and what to expect from them. I enjoyed the global approach that the course takes. It considers all different scenarios of lesson, territories, levels, monolingual, multilingual classes, different cultures and background. This has helped me realize that teaching english may mean something else when it takes place in Europe, australia, asia, africa or America.