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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

AK and JK, USA said:
I have personally gained new ideas on how to create lesson plans and to organize a day to day teaching agenda for students ranging from beginners to advanced. I have also absorbed much helpful information on activities for introducing new items such as vocabulary and grammar to students. Creating lesson plans have helped me most by organizing my thoughts onto paper, and finding a way to put them into action in a classroom. By having the organized lesson plans with goals and possible problems, I can see what I plan to accomplish for the day. During and after the lessons, I can write notes on what went well or what had problems. I can use it in the future to correct myself so that the students can learn to the best of their abilities and I can help them to the best of mine. By learning new games, and study and activate stages for putting practice into motion, I am able to think and strategize what game or activity would best help aid the students in learning, and how using teaching aids such as black/ white boards or computers in a class room can help better the learning process and make it easier for students to learn and absorb the english language. I plan to put all this into action by first creating a close bond with the students and a classroom where students and teacher trust one another so that we can all work together, without fear of being mocked or misunderstood. By using the daily lesson plans, I can follow through with the course of action for the students and note what their strengths and weaknesses are, and what methods best help them overcome their struggles. Furthermore, using the lesson plans and allotting specific times for each activity allows for a good usage of time so that the class does not go too fast or too slow and the teacher can see based on the students progress whether he or she needs to slow down or speed up the pace for each activity. During my teacher careers, I will remember to continuously provide fun activities so students can be more motivated to learn. In addition, I will take time to talk to students both individually and as a group. As a group, I can see where everybody stands and as individual, I can help those who need further support and assistance. If problems do arise, I will make sure to solve the problem immediately, discreetly, and firmly by school standards. I must refrain from having favorites because this will make me biased when grading their work and create drama in the classroom. As a teacher, I must not only build rapport, but I must also retain it. Some students learn from listening, while others learn from seeing. I will make the best of both worlds by bringing them on field trips. Field trips make learning more exciting and hands-on. They also allow students to explore and ask as many questions as possible. Bingo is also a fun activity to learn new activities and it keeps everybody excited and involved. By making activities fun, students are more likely to look forward to the next day of class. No doubt, there will be both anticipated and unanticipated problems. However, with more experience, I will be able to rESOLve the issues. Together, we can make a difference.