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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

SH, Canada, said:
I feel that I have gained a lot from this course. First of all it has helped me to gain a deeper understanding of english, my first language. You are taught all the grammar structures as a child in school but you tend to forget why you use them etc. and I feel this course has provided excellent revision in that respect. I also feel it was given me a good insight into the teaching/learning of foreign languages and how different techniques can work for different levels. The ESA lesson planning has been particularly beneficial as it has taught me to think about each lesson for various levels, and what I would like if I was a student. It has given me great insight into the theory of teaching at different levels, and made me think about things I may not have. One aspect of the course I found particularly beneficial was the video in unit 10 and I think following this, I would like to seek out some english language classes in my local area that I could possibly sit in on to observe the teacher. The course has also helped me identify that I think I would much enjoy and excel at teaching younger students, as I have a background in youth work and child development. I found organizing lesson plans for these populations came much more naturally to me and I think I would enjoy it greatly. After observing some classes, I plan to utilize assistance from TESOL and my certification to gain employment in S. America and also in the future I would like to teach in S. E. asia. The course has given me a good insight into being aware of cultural differences that I feel is invaluable when teaching abroad. I understand that I am new to this and have a lot to learn, and this course has given me a good start in how to. I will reference all units in this course to put into action lesson plans, ESA, etc. in future if I am to gain employment helping others to learn english. Noteworthy to say this is the first online course I have done and I have also learned a lot from this with regard to self motivation.