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A.S. - United Kingdom said:
I think this course has been a good mix of the revision and new knowledge for me. It has been an excellent opportunity to check my grammar knowledge and express my teaching ideas. I know now for sure that no matter how talented a teacher can be, she/he still needs the teacher?s training to become a better teacher. And the opposite as well - no matter how well you have been trained as a teacher - you should still work hard on the ideas and techniques, your planning and your own self to become a really good teacher. As they say, success is 10% talent and 90% work (preparation is included!). I have also learned how important it is for a teacher to be flexible in the lesson planning and to be conscious about individual students? needs. Although I had had a previous teaching experience with a reception class (being completely unqualified for that - except my school and economics & science university studies which had helped me only in maths & science) , I realised that the details really matter - many techniques described in the course were new to me. My main challenge with the reception class was ?how to simplify the world? for the children 3-5 years old. That was a very tough job to do - if only I had had the training before? Once I have received a certificate, I will try to find some students to do 1-1 TEFL, so I could get some ?real? teaching experience. Then, when I am more confident and experienced I will try to get a job at a language school. And I can always practice my teaching skills on my husband (He needs to improve his english). My priority will be teaching women and children (for religious reasons). I would like to work with multilingual/multicultural classes - it would make my job more interesting, motivating and challenging! I would definitely stick to course books at the beginning (supplementing, adapting and replacing is not excluded!). I would try to have my own laptop with ?wireless? - this would make my job easier. And one thing I really miss from my Russian school and university days, and what I would like to implement, being a teacher, is the tea parties (the class and the teacher) at the end of each term where you discuss how good the term has been and how much you all have learned from each other and what the plans are, and so on). I am also looking forward to starting other two courses which will hopefully expand my TEFL knowledge and teaching opportunities - TEFL for young learners and TEFL for business english.