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A.S. - Sweden said:
I am not a native english speaker, I?m Swedish but I have lived, worked and studied abroad whereas over 6 years were spent in london and 4 years in South africa. The english language has always come very naturally to me and I love the way it sounds when spoken and the use of the written word. I only read books in english even now when I?m at this point living in Sweden. I have no prior teaching experience so this course has taught me so much, not merely when it comes to grammar and the structure of the english language but also on how to teach it in the best way to others. I?m passionate about the english language and hope to portray and pass that enthusiasm on to the students I will teach. I have received a teaching position at a Kindergarten abroad starting September this year and while I will be studying to become a nursery teacher online at the same time as I will be working, this TEFL course will help me tremendously. Since my students will be very young indeed, I have chosen the young learners course as well and now I look forward to get started on that.