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A.K. - USA said:
I am not a native speaker and I am no teacher either. My original profession is translator for english, spanish and french and my mother tongue is German. I have always taught children as a tutor in english when we where still living in germany. I have suffered from a lot of bad english teachers when I started to learn the language and only living in australia as an exchange student has changed the whole thing for me. I discovered my love for languages and I wanted to share this with other people. When my husband was sent to the USA by his employer our whole family dynamics changed as well. I had to give up my own translation office in Germany and I had the chance to re-think my goals in life and start something completely new. Therefore I decided to study TEFL and to make a living from what I enjoyed so much in the past as a kind of part time job. Through this course I gathered a lot of knowledge regarding the educational, psychological and pedagogical point of view. It also helped me to find out more things about myself, for example what kind of students I would enjoy most and where I think I can encounter problems. This was very helpful, because when you start something new you don?t really want to think about the problems and only of the benefits? My goal here is to be employed at a public or private school and to teach children good! english as a second language, because they need it to make a living here in the USA. I hope that I will be able to teach children, as I think that I will not enjoy teaching adults.