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A.K. - Belgium said:
It has been a very interesting and thought-provoking course which has successfully re-established my love of language. I have been a student of many intensive language courses over the years, so it was of great interest to be 'on the other side', having always been on the 'receiving end'. I have always had the utmost respect for a language teacher (my mother was herself a German teacher) as the one basic thing that the students and teacher normally have in common ? language to communicate in - does not exist! There have been many aspects of the grammar which I was not aware of, or had forgotten about, so it has been good training for me to learn and revise these. I undertook this course in order to give me an extra option of employment and to add another string to my proverbial bow. As a British person living in Belgium, I have thought about teaching in universities or schools here. There is an adult learning college very close to where I live, which incidentally is where I also studied Dutch, and they often have openings for english teachers. There is also the possibility that I may travel to asia for an indefinite amount of time, and I have heard from friends who have themselves taught english there, that it is an eye-opening but rewarding experience. As far as the language itself goes, I am much more confident in my explanations of english to people whose first language is not english. I can now justify everything with appropriate descriptions and reasons because I have been given the tools to do so. Despite always being fairly confident in my knowledge of english grammar, before this course, I would have been hard pushed to provide accurate explanations of how and why certain rules apply. I hope I will be able to continue with some other courses, namely the Teaching business english course and perhaps eventually the Teaching young learners course. It is useful to have as much exposure to teaching as possible, and I have already sat in on some lessons at the local college. It has given me a lot of insight to see how an experienced teacher reacts and thinks on her/his feet. I hope to be able to demonstrate this kind of ability once I have taught a few classes and will definitely recommend this course to anyone who is interested in teaching english as a foreign language.