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A.K. - USA said:
I 've learned a great deal from this course. Although I had done some teaching before, (not english) I don't have a teaching certificate and have really not spent a lot of time thinking about a formal way to plan lessons, I just had ideas and notes. I also hadn't known how to use the ESA order that is helpful. ( although I instinctively knew to vary and have my class do some things on their own or with others.) The review of grammar, such as modal and conditional verbs, is really helpful because it had been many years since I had taken this kind of course (high school maybe?) I would have been floundering if I had not gone over some of these more difficult types of grammar in the ittt course. Also the information about differences in culture and how that effects classroom dynamics and student participation is very helpful also to any teacher thinking of teaching abroad or any foreign students here. I am not certain if I will teach ESLclasses or not in the near future, although my son is trying to get me a position in Osaka (where he lives). I feel much better prepared for that possibility because of this course. Also Tania, I feel that you have been a very good tutor. You are diligent and I especially appreciate that you have been very prompt to respond to my questions and review my papers.