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A.B. - USA said:
It was really helpful for me to learn a little about english grammar. As a spanish teacher a lot of the terms are similar, but it was nice for me to make the connection between the two languages. I would like to buy some of the books that are recommended so as to be able to use the correct terms when teaching english grammar. I would like to review the grammar points before teaching each lesson. I had never seen the ESA style lesson-plan before. While I may not use that exact format every day, I do like having that as a guideline. I do want to make sure to always start with an engage activity. I strongly believe that the engage segment taps into student interest and gets them more involved in the rest of the lesson. I also learned about teaching activities that I have not used before. I always like learning new activities. Some new ideas that I would like to try are: A day in the life of (p. 3, Chapter 4), Guess a profession (p. 3, Chapter 4), U2 song ?I Still Haven?t Found What I?m Looking For? (p. 8, Chapter 4), Change the room (p. 8, Chapter 4), etc. It is great for me to learn about other songs that people use in the english classroom, since most of my teaching experience is in spanish. Even though I have learned this before, it is always good to be reminded that the students do better when the teacher is patient and fosters and pleasant classroom atmosphere. While I feel there were many things I already knew from the past four years of experience as a spanish teacher, we could all use reminders. I especially liked the chapter that discusses business english, and I look forward to my next class in this program.