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A.B. - Canada said:
I have personally learned a great deal through the TESOL course. Although I have many years of teaching experience, I have never taught english as a subject before. I have been raised speaking english, but unfortunately have forgotten many of the lessons that was taught to me through the TESOL course. I am now comfortable to teach english to students in china without it being a complete walk in the dark. A special note should be given to the pronunciation and phonemic unit. I have never learned the phonemic alphabet before and it was something I believe will be helpful in my teaching efforts. One thing I would have liked to see within the course was a section specific to teaching in the Asian hemisphere. I will be teaching english in china and would like to know more about what to expect when I teach my first group of chinese students. I will be incorporating a lot of the ideas taught to me about lesson planning and the ESA framework. I believe going into a classroom with a solid lesson plan that gives me structure and flexibility will allow me to fulfill my job with ease and comfort. Thank you Tania for all your help and advice, I really appreciate it.