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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

A.N. - Italy said:
I have personally gained more confidence in english grammar. It has been very useful for me to revise grammar, verb patterns and syntax. It is important to know grammar structures, how they are formed and the rules behind them. This makes it easier to teach, and in turn, makes it easier for the students to learn the rules without confusion. I have gained confidence in planning lessons and anticipated any problems, needs of the students or needs of the teacher. It is important to be well prepared not only for the material of the lesson and what will be covered, but also any possible problems that may arise. In this course I have learned that it is important to understand the students individually and as a group. There are many different factors that have importance in the classroom and the lesson. It is important to create a warm atmosphere and give the students confidence in the new language. I have learned that, as a teacher, I must consider many aspects of learning. The students should learn listening, comprehension, reading, speaking, pronunciation and writing. Productive skills are just as important as receptive skills. It is also very important to evaluate the students and test them throughout the course. They will need exams at the beginning of the course to assess their level, their needs and their strong points. They will also need various tests throughout the duration of the course to assess how much they have learned, what they still need to reinforce, what they may have forgotten, what they have improved on, and any weak points of the student and the teacher. I have learned that it is important to choose proper teaching aids, use relevant material whether it is authentic or non-authentic. I have gained an overall confidence in my own english skills, in my preparation, planning, teaching and assessment abilities, in my abilities to help the student, and my ability to help the students in their learning process. I was teaching english before taking this TEFL course and I am still teaching english now, here in italy. I have definitely noticed a difference in my teaching abilities, my grammar explanations and in the content of my lessons. I will continue to use this knowledge to benefit and improve my teaching and to give more of a well rounded lesson to my students. As my confidence as a teacher has improved, so has the confidence of my students in their learning process.