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B.K. - USA said:
I feel I?ve learned, and relearned a lot, considering this is the second time I?ve taken this course and I have teaching experience under my belt I still find it very worthwhile to go back through all of the information again. I used the PDFs quite a bit when I was teaching in china for grammar review. I found when I was actually teaching or really thinking about the grammar in english I suddenly was unable to remember a rule, even though I?ve been speaking english my entire life and can create the sentences necessary. Teaching it always brings about a greater understanding in a teacher, I think, just as it does in the one being taught. Doing this course the first, and the second time, enhanced my understanding of the rules and helped me to be more organized in the way I plan my lessons. The lesson templates that were provided were a staple for me when I was teaching in china, and I can?t see any reason for that to change when I got back to continue teaching. This course and the materials, knowledge and experience it provided have, and will continue to be an invaluable tool in my future teaching endeavors.