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B.K. & D.P. - USA said:
We have learned a tremendous amount from this course in a multitude of subject areas. Ranging from detailed english grammar to behavior management and classroom structure, this course provided great insight. Moreover, we learned how important it is to understand our students. Especially given the fact that we will be teaching in a non-english speaking country to non-english speaking students makes us realize how critical it is to ?know our student.?. One thing in particular that struck us was the fact that not all of our classrooms are alike. A classroom where every student speaks the same language is drastically different than one where students do not. Each brings various advantages and disadvantages that we are now cognizant of, and hopefully can use it to improve our instruction. Another specific example that struck us was how diverse classes of ours could be. One could have adult beginners who are extremely motivated while others contain absolute beginners only there because their parents enrolled them. We understand now the importance of knowing our student and knowing how to best serve their needs. Adult beginners differ mightily from young beginners. Each would require a different approach and different methods of instruction.