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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

B.S. - USA said:
I feel that I have not only gained the knowledge to teach an english course, but confidence as well. Before I started this TEFL course, I would have been very nervous to get up in front of a classroom of students and teach them english. Now I feel as though I have something to offer the students. I wont be walking into a classroom with no idea what I?m doing, but hold the information necessary to not only teach them the correct information, but also in a way that is meaningful and fun. I have reviewed the language and grammar to teach, as well as learned how to teach it in a positive way. I now know what how to make a lesson plan, what materials I will need, what problems I should expect, and how to teach all different levels/ages. Developing these skills through the course has made me feel prepared and has helped me understand what to expect while teaching and how to deal with those situations. I feel as though I can communicate with non-native speakers. I realize that it won?t be easy for them, or for me, but I think I know what to expect now and how to put education into action. The video in lesson 15 helped immensely with this. It showed what a classroom setting is really like, and how to create the best dynamic possible. By showing a bad and a good example of teaching, it made me realize not only how to engage the students to help them reach their highest potentials, but also what not to do. I think many first time teachers go into a classroom thinking they know it all and that it will be easy, but that showed me that you can?t expect all students to be motivated and try their hardest. You have to figure out a way to best teach your group and allow them to feel comfortable in the class in order for them to strive for excellence. Although the TEFL course, and especially the video, helped me realize what a classroom will potentially be like, I do feel as though sitting in on some real-life classes would benefit me. I feel ready to teach, but getting more exposure would only help me, as I?m sure teaching real students is much different than doing the exercises in my room. However, I feel as though I am prepared due to the great feedback from the course. This helped me to realize what I needed to work on and improve. I feel as though the TEFL course was dedicated to making sure I was prepared, and was focused on my education rather than just giving me a certificate. I?m sure that teaching is an ongoing learning process, but this program has given me the confidence I need to start my journey and has made me realize that it will be a fulfilling one with a purpose. I will use the knowledge I have gained to my best ability and teach with enthusiasm and assuredness so my students will feel prepared and speak english with confidence, as is the goal.