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C.C. - Canada said:
I believe the hardest part is to put into practice what I have learned by theory. This course definitely taught me the different aspects of teaching the english language. What I appreciate is that the course gives me the different possibilities of problems that can occur and their solutions for students and teachers. I am planning to go teach english in cambodia where most of the population cannot afford to pay for the class. I want to contribute and I believe that my native language can be a part of my advantages to teach them. As a new teacher, I will tend to use a course book to guide me and give me ideas of each lesson plan. However, by going through the course make me understand that I have to balance the materials I will use and exploit my creativity to make the lesson interesting and fun. The importance to distinguish the different level of the students, the class arrangement, and the management of the class are all aspects to consider during my planning for my first class. So far, I cannot really plan how am I going to teach, I believe after my first class, it will give me a concrete and realistic idea of how I will pursue my journey of teaching and develop my style.