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C.H. - United Kingdom said:
This course has helped me to develop a sound knowledge of the challenges and difficulties an EFL teacher faces in delivering lessons for english as a foreign language. The course has helped me to develop a detailed knowledge of english grammar and has taught me the methods by which each grammatical component can be broken down and taught in manageable, fun ways for students to enjoy and effectively assimilate. In addition, the non-grammar units encouraged me to take into consideration many aspects of teaching that I previously did not know, or had not considered, for example, the types of material used in the classroom; effective ways of teaching productive and receptive skills; how to manage classroom behaviour and different groups of students etc... I have been given the opportunity to carry out extensive practice of lesson planning, having completed several tasks throughout the course in which I had to plan a lesson based around particular themes and for various student levels. I now feel confident in lesson planning and feel excited to put into practice some of the lessons I have given a great deal of consideration to. I now understand the difficulties and considerations that an EFL teacher must take into account when planning their lessons (ensuring they keep to timing effectively, have enough activities to carry them through the lesson, keep in mind the different abilities of students, consider any technical apparatus they require etc..) In short, I feel after having completed this course that I have learned a great deal about the construction and working of my own language ? rather than merely having an innate knowledge of grammar I now understand the mechanics behind the language and why certain constructions are used and how they are applied. I found that when learning other languages, throughout my education, the mechanics of my own language became clearer and I feel this is particularly true now having completed this course. I hope to be able to put into practice what I have learned and assimilated through completing these worksheets, and achieving a TEFL qualification, by gaining some on-hand experience in an EFL classroom. I would then ideally love to be able to apply what I have learned by teaching my own EFL class. I have been regularly consulting the internet for job opportunities as I have been progressing through this course and I intend to keep doing so until a suitable opportunity arises that will hopefully suit my life intentions and aspirations.