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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

C.C. - Italy said:
Despite a degree with distinction in english and my personal achievements, I have always had the feeling that it was not enough to give me the skills to be a good teacher. Lesson planning, material, resources, rapport with students, class management, handling of difficult situations were only a few of the things I had doubts about and some of them were even scary. When you are scared you stick to the ?safe material? such as books, grammar, listening, reading, never putting your creativity into action. I would ask myself: ?Is this a good activity? Maybe it is better to follow what the book says!? This would gradually build a sense of frustration for not really mastering the class but let the books do it. That?s why I decided to do this course. I wanted to became more aware of what teaching is all about and I think I am there now. I have always taken any teaching job very seriously, and the fact of not knowing why one thing is better than the other has always been off-putting. I used to make choices out of common sense and of personal past experience, but I did not have the background to give reasons for a choice over another. Now I feel I do. Now I know where to find material, how to plan a good lesson, how to handle various situations in the class, how to give feedback, what students at different level and ages need and this is really motivating. I have started to create my own folders with material accurately chosen and not randomly taken from the internet. I feel the class needs to have a certain structure and a certain flow to be a good one and try to reproduce it. The benefits of lesson planning are visible in both my confidence in class and the students? sense of understanding the target of my lessons. I guess I will have to read through the material you gave me again while teaching, but now I know I have some resources to refer to for specific situations or problems. My feedback from this course is overall positive and I think it marked the beginning of a new teaching awareness for me. Thank you.