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C.G. - United Kingdom said:
Having no prior teaching experience before taking this course, I feel I have learned a lot regarding the teaching process. In particular, the ESA approach to lesson planning has given me a practical method towards planning my future lessons. I have recently secured a job teaching middle school children in Seoul, South korea. I will therefore use this lesson planning technique in the very near future. This course has made clear the importance of engaging the class fully before introducing new language. I now understand how vital it is that a class is settled and engaged in the learning process before any real teaching can commence. I also better appreciate the importance of getting to know your students interests and tailoring the class content accordingly. By making the class content relevant to the students? lives they are likely to be more interested and committed to the learning process. Through constant praise, encouragement and sensitive evaluation the students should feel comfortable in the classroom and gain some self confidence as their language skills improve. This course also provided me with a much needed reminder of the main grammar rules governing the english language. Even though I am able to communicate in english fluently, as a native speaker, it is important that I have a thorough understanding of how to describe the ways in which words and phrases are properly constructed. No doubt this course?s content will be an invaluable reference tool in the future and I will use it to constantly reinforce my knowledge of english. The video clips used in Unit 16 were a great way to see the theory of ESA put into practice. The well conducted lesson provided an example of how a successful lesson plan is put into practice; it was certainly an informative watch. Equally, the poorly conducted lesson was a great source of how not to teach a lesson. Being able to visualise a positive and a negative teaching experience gave valuable insight into how proper lessons should be conducted. I certainly aim to conduct my lessons in a similar fashion to the positive teaching experience! I found the units covering the various tenses very informative. As a native english speaker it is easy to take the understanding of different tenses for granted. However by going through each tense individually in this course I have come to a better understanding of the difficulties facing english learners. I also better understand the rules governing the different tenses, whereas before my knowledge was almost subconscious, I knew how to form the tenses because I had been doing so all my life. I know have a fuller understanding of english grammar.