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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

C.B. - France said:
What I have gained most is a sound overview of how to manage a class and how I could get my lessons effective and entertaining. Unit 3 on EFL methodology was particularly useful to me as I?ve found the 3-stage teaching methodology very interesting and quite sensible in its approach to how a class should be conducted. Most units were quite detailed always giving ideas and tips on how I could plan a lesson according to a particular grammatical issue or language item and on how I could get the course lively. In that sense, Unit 17 is a ?gold mine? for every EFL teacher with all those Internet sites. They should be very helpful to find out new ideas and be able to create my own materials. Now that I have all the theory in hand, I hope I will have the chance to practice a little bit during the onsite course in london as I suppose this will give me further information and indications on how I have to adapt myself to a specific class / group of students as well as how to put into practice my own lesson plans ?in real situation?. Once I come back from london, I will intend to teach english mainly to individuals or small groups for business purposes here in france (Unit 19 was, to that extent, very valuable to me). I have been working as an executive bilingual secretary for many years in a company that was doing business with countries from all over the world and I liked the atmosphere very much. Teaching individuals or small groups for business purposes remains my priority. However, depending on job offers I might encounter, I wouldn?t mind teaching young learners too as long as I can deal with them in small groups. Based on what I?ve learnt so far, I would then try to plan lessons using the thee-stage EFL methodology and would do my best to keep my class as lively as possible and get the students involved in language output whatever may be their level. If I teach groups for business purposes, I would of course use the EFL needs analysis form as I?m convinced it is the best way to get to know the students? needs, wants and objectives.