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C.H. - Thailand said:
First of all, I discovered that after being out of school for several decades, that I didn't have the capacity to take this course at the same time that I was enrolled in a foreign language school and decided to postpone my continuing education in the language school until I completed this course. I found that I was mistaken in my initial belief that, being a native english speaking person that the course would be relatively simple. Even though I am a native english speaker, I re-learned so much about my native language, especially regarding grammar. I now feel confident that I can be of great benefit to any of my students as a result of taking this course. I have been told that there are several ?so-called teachers? in this country teaching conversational english and that I really didn't need to subject myself to certification in order to receive compensation. I suspect that people who are uncertified and teaching here may be doing a mis-service to their students. I plan to teach as soon as reasonably possible after I am certified, however, I think I might be even more effective after completing my foreign language schooling, as being competent in the language of my students will probably make me a better and more useful teacher. I feel that the course was very well structured, and my tutor was an excellent aid to me with very cogent comments and suggestions regarding my lesson submissions.