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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

C.P. - USA said:
I have learned a greater understanding of the english language and its structure. I have always struggled with the concepts of the language but through taking this course I have filled in a lot of gaps in my understanding as well as adding to that understanding. This I view as a personal accomplishment. I have had experience in teaching and lesson planning, but I believe this course has helped me to further my understanding in this area. Because I have taught I have had to learn classroom management. In many ways I was thrown into the classroom without a base of knowledge in this area. I did a lot of observing teachers who I thought were very skilled in this area. I learned a lot from my experience and observations, but I believe that my knowledge in this area has been increased from this course. One of my jobs is working with at risk youth in an after school center. Most of the kids I work with are refugees from other countries. I have already applied some of the knowledge I have gained from this course, in helping the kids with their home work. On several occasions I had just finished a chapter on a subject and then that same week a child would need homework help pertaining to the same thing. I also have worked with students and parents in the area of pronunciation, and stresses in sentences. I found this course to correlate in many ways to the people I work with here in my own community, and therefore think it will be very helpful when working with people in other communities in other countries.

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