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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

W.W. - Holland said:
I have gained many things from the course. I have improved my knowledge of the ways to structure a lesson. The ESA methodology has been very useful and effective. I have also improved my knowledge in the learner levels, ways to assess them and ways to adjust the lesson plan accordingly. Learning about the construction of a needs analysis was also very useful in order to tailor-make the lessons for the participants. The many resources suggested in the course are very informative and helpful, especially the online websites and information for choosing coursebooks. I have learnt the main parts of speech, the active and passive voice, conditionals, the tenses and the differences between them, and how to design lesson plans to teach them. Also understanding the teaching of pronunciation was very informative. Tips on classroom management were very helpful and I have developed some further understanding of teaching special groups of children and business english students. Analyzing the video of effective and less effective teaching was extremely helpful. I plan to use all of this material in my teaching role with adult learners of english in the near future. I will take the information on the needs analysis and use it to evaluate the participants? levels. I will particularly draw on the suggested resources, select suggested games and activities, draw up a lesson plan, and organize the lessons according to the ESA methodology as much as possible. Thank you for a very helpful and informative course ? I learnt a lot.