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B.B. - Korea said:
This course has been very useful to me. When I decided to take the course, it was recommended by a friend, but I honestly wasn?t expecting to get much out of it. I figured I would get the certificate, it would look good on a r?sum?, and maybe get me a raise once I got a TESOL job. However, I quickly realized that this course was not only going to do all those things, but it was actually going to teach me some useful things as well. It was very nice to have a refresher of the rules of english grammar?something I?ve not really had since high school. We tend to not really think about the rules we follow?we just follow them. It was also nice to have ideas for lessons and games and activities for all the different topics we covered. My wife and I are moving to South korea very soon to teach english to children, so all of these things will be very useful. In addition, I had not really thought about the need to lesson plan before I began this course, but now I see that it is vital. It?s also nice to have a basic template to go from when planning a lesson. Overall, I?ve been very pleased with the course. The lessons were concise and to the point, and the feedback I?ve received from you, James, has been very helpful and insightful. So thank you for making this a worthwhile experience for me. Next stop, South Korea!