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B.H. - USA said:
I have gained a MUCH better understanding of english grammar, tenses, and I have learned many new activities/games from the course units. I have learned a good way to write and plan lessons out, and a better way to evaluate my students. I have grasped many new and useful ideas for teaching older classes, and picked up a lot on phonemics as before this course I could only recognize them because they were next to a word in the dictionary. (The phonemic alphabet is not taught in America, you have to specifically request it, even in english courses it is not taught.) I have gained a great deal of new ideas for teaching, such as the many uses of authentic materials in class, the different variety of questionnaire and worksheet types that are common in classrooms do not have to remain common, and different types of ESA structures that help keep the students engaged in the lesson. I feel this course has really helped me improve my ability to teach older learners and more advanced english lessons as well as be more aware and conscious of my actions for the younger learners. I have to admit I am very happy I?ve taken this course and very anxious to see the results. Thank you for this opportunity.