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V. P. - Philippines said:
This online course is probably the best decision I have taken in regards to my aspirations of becoming an english teacher. I can?t imagine entering a classroom without all the valuable information I have learned from this course. The first major fact I learned from the TEFL program was the importance of variety. The amount of information that is provided to students when learning a new language is enormous. As a result, it can be easy to fall into the trend of leading every class the same. But TEFL pointed out to me that the only way to conquer such information is by changing up the way in which it is taught. It also made me realize how many options I have when teaching a new language. I had this idea in my head of what teaching was, and TEFL completely changed that perspective. Now, I feel like I can try anything that may help my future students learn the information. Another fact I learned from this course was the importance of understanding the students? needs. The primary goal of a TEFL teacher is to encourage the students to communicate effectively using the english language. He/ she must try to establish rapport with the students in order to facilitate the learning process. The discussions on theories, methods, grammar, productive and receptive skills, lesson planning, course materials, teaching aids were all designed to make the course organized and informative. The english language is much more complex than I had realized and this course has certainly exceeded my expectations. I believe I will be ready to teach in a real time classroom. I look forward to increasing my abilities as a teacher and for letting my personality come out more in each lesson that I teach. I want my classroom to have a fun and vibrant atmosphere that is motivated to tackle all the challenges with which the english language is plagued. Finally, I would like to thank Mike and Jon for being such supportive tutors. ?Kudos? to both of you for a job well done. Keep up the good work!