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L.M. - USA said:
This course has been extremely valuable for me. I have experienced a tremendous amount in the past year and I am very excited about moving to a new country and being a positive role model. Both of my parents are college english professors so I understand the satisfaction that comes from teaching. (No they did not help me with completing this class.) However, I never thought that I would be doing something similar to what they are doing. Additionally this course has taught me how to focus my talents to the level of the students that I will be teaching. I?ve learned that being a good teacher isn?t about being cool or fun, it?s about leading them in a concise, focused and supportive manner that brings out the best in themselves. Lastly, I don?t know exactly what challenges I will face in the classroom but because of this class, and my previous experiences being a leader, I feel that I am prepared to face those challenges.