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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

A.A. - USA said:
Always go beyond expectations until you know otherwise, what is expected. . For how you dress, materials brought to class, how strict you are going to be. It is easier to figure out you don't need something after getting there, then realizing you need it and don't have it. Be prepared- goes along with the previous a little. Having too many activities planned, or stashed for a faster day. Treat others with respect. Find out their goals and aspirations and see how you can help them. Don't talk above students learning curve. When in doubt break it down as simple as possible and use gestures or pictures or other visuals. Appeal to students interests and not your own. You might think Bulgarian folk dancing is cool but you students might not. While younger students may not be as motivated they are more impressionable by how you behave in the classroom. Make the classroom a place where trying is always good, even when there is failure. Dress the place up a little, so it's not so institutional. Most importantly I learned how to fashion a well rounded lesson and how to plan lessons. As far as action is concerned, I am going to start looking for teaching jobs. I will adjust and take the "help finding a job" units into consideration and implement those tips and tricks. Right now, I am focusing on asia( Specifically japan and S. korea) for places to go but am open to anywhere outside the U.S. Well perhaps some places in the U.S. I haven't really been seeing or exploring and that is something that could happen while immersed in another culture.