TEFL - Distance Learning Teaching English As A Second Language

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A.S. - USA said:
This was my first teaching course. I took mostly international studies courses at my university for my bachelor?s degree. I wasn?t completely sure what to expect at first, but I loved it. I have learned quite a bit that I would have never picked up from my previous years of schooling. The methods for teaching english to non-native speakers are much easier and closer to how I learned spanish. I wish I would have learned english this way first before learning another language (I think it would have made it easier for me!). This course is packed full of wonderful information. I loved all of the helpful classroom activity tools. I plan to use all of these to help with my lessons and activities. I will save all of my course work for future reference. I have learned that teaching is one of the hardest and most rewarding jobs. This comes from family, friends, and my reading. I myself have only been a university tutor and a swim instructor but those were my favorite and most rewarding jobs. That is why I wanted to do this certification. I want to live abroad and teach: two of my favorite things.