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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

M.N. - USA said:
This course provided me with an amazing opportunity. As an individual I learned a great deal of information about english language which had either been forgotten or never learned prior. As a teacher I was given the supreme opportunity for professional growth that is very valuable to be immersed in the industry. To be hones, I didn?t expect much at the very beginning, but this course turned out to be an in-depth study into the methodologies and techniques of Teaching english as Foreign Language. To be more specific, I?ve learned how to ?deal with possible problems in the class ?examine qualities, roles and responsibilities of both teachers and students ?use teaching methods and techniques produce the best results ?inspire confidence in the students ?maintain discipline ?introduce students to new language in balanced and manageable way ?plan lessons ?incorporate four basic skills in the lesson ?give a feedback, evaluate students? level and progress ?make lessons more interesting, effective and less depending on the textbook ?use equipment and teaching aids ?teach english in special groups ?deal with most common problem situations Seeing how much I could make use of the knowledge that I learned makes me believe in my abilities; seeing how much I still need to learn and to improve on makes me believe that when there is potential, there is possibility. That is why on completion of the course, I?m planning to apply for paid teaching work abroad. I can?t wait to put into practice all the things I?ve learned!