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S.B. - Algeria said:
Well, I really enjoyed this course because I received much useful information about how teaching english should be ? As I am already a teacher, this course comforted my idea of teaching which seems to be generally correct? This course also helped me to revise many grammatical rules that I naturally use without paying much attention to their patterns? So, this course helped me to check my knowledge, both in english grammar and in teaching and also brought me many new and very useful information especially about how a lesson should be made, how the lesson plan should be built and most of all about how to make the lesson varied and lively with many different fun activities and games? I learned through this course that teaching english is really fun if we know how to build correctly a lesson plan which can be adapted to each language level. All this new features that I learned will obviously help me in the future to make thorough lesson plans in order to make the learning and the teaching process easier and enjoyable for all?