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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

B.S. - USA said:
What Have I Gained From Taking This Course? ?A wealth of useful information to make me a better instructor ?Need I say more? I have learned succinctness when answering questions! ?Gained an incredible amount of sophisticated speech, grammar rules, and explanations. ?Improved my computer skills ?Acquired numerous activities, exercises, and games for reinforcing lessons ?Realized that I could use a new computer to make my life easier ?Knowledge about classroom technology and when and how to use it ?New awareness of incorporating an ?Engage Stage? in lesson planning ?That I might have a learning disability or at times unable to read and interpret questions ?An awareness that I have had the intuition, creativity, and intelligence to be a successful instructor in many areas in spite of not having taken this course ?My teaching skills will improve with the knowledge acquired ?I will be a more valuable employee ?I will be more marketable ?I will always have all of the resources to refer back to when I have questions about teaching ESL ?Learned about phonology and pronunciation ?Learned about the differences in young learners vs. adult learners ?Learned how I would prepare to teach a business english student ?To know that patience and perseverance pay off! How I Will Use What I Learned? ?review material before I begin teaching next semester and implement it ?Review the information about teaching an individual student and make a lesson plan with some of the new information before meeting with the student I tutor ?Be conscious of my credentials and look for teaching possibilities with businesses in the community ?Use some of the ideas and activities for the lower level refugee learners that I will teach ?Use more technology in the classroom ?Be open to teaching different levels and different skills in the university ?Use some of the new activities and exercises from the units for spring semester ?Use the new lesson plan format ?Go to a toy store and look for games that can enhance the classroom experience ?Be more conscious of how to use scenes from movies with a lesson ?Be more conscious of classroom seating arrangements ?Become a member of TESOL and attend conferences