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N.S. - France said:
When I was living in thailand, I was asked to teach english to a young Thai boy. I had absolutely no teaching skills or experience, but I managed to find a course book and I did the best I could to share my knowledge with this boy. I must say that I had a great time and this gave me the urge to learn teaching methodology and become an english teacher. When I came back home, I decided to realize this dream. Therefore, I attended the online TEFL course and I must say that it was pretty exciting to study the teaching method. As I have lived in asia for almost 5 years, I speak english fluently and I have read a great amount of english books. As a consequence, the grammar units were more like reviews, but the units about teaching methodology really captivated me. I can say that I'm ready now to teach and I'm also very impatient to live my first day in a classroom. As learnt in the different units I'll try to follow the advices and ideas developed in it. It's hard to say exactly how I'm going to put them into action, as I'll have to adapt myself to my students, their needs, culture, age, level, the number of students, multilingual or monolingual classes, etc... Anyway, I'll try to do my best to interest my students, keep them focused and share my knowledge with them. I'll also try to make them love the english language and course. To sum, I'll try to be a good teacher!