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A.W. - London said:
Staring this course, I knew little about english grammar and nothing of teaching. I feel that I have learned a great deal of practical information in both areas. I consider myself to be an ?educated? person, and I know I use english correctly. But as a native-speaker, it just comes automatically and sub-consciously. The grammar lessons demonstrated why the language is the way it is, and has given me the ability to explain this to others in a logical way. The lessons concerning teaching have given me a great ?crash course? into the profession. I?m not going to walk into a class and be a good teacher all of a sudden, but at least I?ll have an idea what I?m supposed to do. The lessons have taught me the ESA method, lesson planning, and activity ideas, among many other things. I?ve been looking into staring an ESL career in korea. Many Asian countries don?t require any sort of teaching or english related education; simply that you know the language. I feel it?s just plain ignorant if you think you can do this job simply because you can speak english. While my motivations for this job are to ?see the world? and not particularly to teach, I appreciate the importance of education and the effort it takes to teach another language. So, hopefully with the information I?ve learned here, I can go experience a new culture while not being a total waste of time for students who get stuck with me?