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M.B. - Tanzania said:
I am a communicator? I have lead different teams of young people to other cultures, helping them to learn to relate to the nationals. And have even done a little bit of language teaching, though it wasn?t english. Thus teaching, management, etc are not new principles to me. But what I have really appreciated is: #1. To learn your layout and structure; ESA. I am one, who when teaching, loves outlines. If I can just have a little direction on how to put something together, I can fill in the blanks. This ESA system is wonderful for my style. With this style, after some practice, I will be able to easily come up with a whole lesson on the fly if I am forced to. #2. To get many suggestions for resources, and be able to evaluate them and curriculums better. As I mention below, I am working through all the things that are needed to start a school. A curriculum is a big one. Through this course I have been helped to see what is needed in a curriculum and what is not necessarily profitable. I am so looking forward to finding a curriculum and starting to teach! #3. Gave me lots of direction on how to give balanced lessons and evaluate students. I have already had some people talk to me in english and then ask me what their weak points are. I didn?t really know how to answer them, but now I have a much better feel of how to evaluate them and lead them on from where they are at. I am hoping to either start a small english School here in Zanzibar, or connect with the government and help them by providing teachers for them to place where ever they deem best. I think the most likely is starting our own school, as there are many, many people who ask for help in their english. But we will have to see? We are hoping to be able to talk to the Ministry of Education the beginning of next year and get some direction at that time. But nothing goes fast here! ? But as the saying goes in their local language, ?Slowly, slowly is getting somewhere!?