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C.S ? - USA said:
I have gained so much from this course. First off, I have not studied english grammar for approximately ten years, and to think that I was planning on teaching english before taking this course was ridiculous. I just graduated as a math major at McGill University, so studying english grammar, including the parts of speech and tenses, was something I needed to do in order to be confident in front of an EFL classroom. I have always thought that teaching was something that I may be interested in, but I never studied specifics on how to be the most effective teacher. Organizing a classroom, encouraging students properly, planning lessons, and methods of teaching are all things that were introduced to me in this course. There is obviously so much preparation and planning that is needed to be an effective teacher, and this course has provided me with guidelines on how to do these things best. One of the biggest measurable things I have gained is the knowledge of the ESA Lesson planning and subsequent lesson plan template. These two things alone will make standing in front of a classroom much easier and more relaxed. I plan to put most of the things I have learned in this class into action once I am granted an EFL position. I plan to base most of my lessons on the ESA lesson planning guidelines. I will always mix up my material to make things interesting for my students. I will use my new knowledge of the english language system to help answer student?s troubling questions. I will use the advice given in this course to make a classroom stimulating physically and mentally. I will definitely put to use the information provided in Unit 1 about the different roles a teacher should assume, and how to fulfill each role most successfully. The material I have learned in this course will, without a doubt, be invaluable for me in a teaching role.